On Friday, October 21st, at 6 PM, P.S. 289 (900 St. Marks Ave at Kingston) will host S.O.S. Crown Heights guests for a screening of The Interrupters, the critically acclaimed documentary about the Chicago CeaseFire project on which S.O.S. is based. The movie follows the stories of three violence interrupters that are doing the same work that the S.O.S. staff do every day. We are especially grateful to Principal Dennis Jeffers and Assistant Principal Shirmell Dolphin for making school facilities available to neighborhood residents for this screening. 
After the screening, S.O.S. Violence Interrupters, Rudy, Kenneth, Leon and Aaron Jones, will answer questions from the audience about their own work in Crown Heights preventing shootings on the streets with the S.O.S. Crown Heights Ceasefire Project.

There is no charge for admission to the screening. Seats are limited, so folks are encouraged to be prompt and arrive by 6 PM.