Brooklyn Deep, a project of the Brooklyn Movement Center, is working in partnership with Brooklyn Historical Society and Weeksville Heritage Center to collect interviews of Crown Heights residents about issues of policing community in the Crown Heights area. These interviews will be the central body of work in an exciting new project called Voices of Crown Heights.
Brooklyn Deep is looking for Crown Heights residents who have experiences with issues of policing in Crown Heights and who are interested in sharing their perspectives through the telling of their individual oral histories. Brooklyn Deep is looking to collect histories across generational, racial, faith-based and sexual identity backgrounds and from all geographic sections of the Crown Heights community. Interviews last about 90 minutes and will touch on life histories of participants and experiences related to policing in the neighborhood.
If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the project, please contact the project coordinator, Walis Johnson at by February 15th. She will work with you to schedule an interview sometime in February or March 2017.

More about Voices of Crown Heights:

Voices of Crown Heights

Coinciding with the twenty-fifth anniversary of the August 1991 Crown Heights upheaval, Voices is a deeper listen into Crown Heights’s history. Deep listening means grappling with uncomfortable stories, poignant observations, and opinions one may or may not agree with.

Through oral history interviews, a web-based listening portal and curated digital exhibit, listening stations based at BHS and in Crown Heights, podcasts, public conversations and listening sessions, the project seeks to immerse diverse audiences in unheard voices that challenge any singular linear narrative of Crown Heights’s history.

Brooklyn Deep, an project of the Brooklyn Movement Center

BMC is a membership-based, social justice organization of principally Black and low-to-moderate income, Central Brooklyn residents. As distinct from the organizing and advocacy-based campaigns of BMC, Brooklyn Deep is BMC’s digital story-telling and citizen journalism arm. Brooklyn Deep centers the voices of Central Brooklynites to chronicle the experience of community change and social, cultural and economic disruption in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights.