On May 23rd, the Save Our Streets Outreach team led a participant event to Ocean’s 8 Billiards. Fifteen participants were escorted to Ocean’s 8 Billiards Sports bar, grill and entertainment center. Ocean’s 8 Billiards is a place where adults and youth go to have a good time. A good time can consist of playing a game of pool on one of the 20 pool tables, playing air hockey on one of the two air hockey tables, ping pong or a game of miniature bowling.

All participants mingled with one another, challenged each other to the numerous free games and towards the end of the event they enjoyed some food together. The event took place from 5pm – 9pm. The Outreach team engaged in the same activities with their participants, utilizing the time to bond and strengthen their relationship with their participants.

The event was a great time and a moment for the Outreach team to help keep their participants focus on goals, while also having fun. Staff and participants also had the opportunity to view the Eastern Conference finals, Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics game six.