The Mediation Center’s Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) at Ebbets Field MS 352 provides a system of support and accountability for students who are chronically late or absent from school. Staff members check in with students on a daily basis, conduct family conferences, write and distribute letters home and operate an in-school Youth Court addressing attendance and related issues.

Stacey Antoine, a 6th grade math teacher at MS 352 had the following to say about TIP:

“The Truancy Program has been an essential tool for my students. This program has helped turn around many rebellious students I have taught in the past. I have seen a tremendous “turn around” for these students, behavioral wise and academically. Ms. Barker and her team has and continues to do a wonderful job reaching out to truant students.

Many of our students come to school with various problems. Many children deal with peer pressure, abuse, problems at home and so forth. Many times these problems affect the attitude, motivation and most importantly their performance level at school. Many truant children tend to be absent, excessively late, fail out of school and tend to involve themselves in deviant behavior. Furthermore, this program aims to improve attendance among students as well as decrease the amount of deviant behavior present in schools.

I love the fact that parents are contacted when their child is excessively absent, late for school or taking part in deviant behavior. This allows parents to take responsibility for their children and help make an effort to make sure that children take responsibility for their education.

Overall, I hope that this program continues to support the truant child in every way possible. I have seen change in many of my students and change will continue as long as everyone takes responsibility for their actions.”