Last night, members of the S.O.S. Clergy Action Network (S.O.S. C.A.N.) came together with staff and community members to celebrate the launch of S.O.S. C.A.N.’s new book, Praying With Our Feet.
Attendees gather in front of Jason Das’s original paintings, which are featured in the book.
The book, which profiles a few members of the S.O.S. C.A.N. network, provides resources for clergy and community members increase their involvement in the movement to stop gun violence. 

Reverend Kevin Jones, Clergy Liaison for S.O.S., spoke to over 40 attendees about the impact that clergy can have on their communities. Project Director Amy Ellenbogen, S.O.S. Program Manager Allen James, and The Center for Court Innovation’s Citywide Anti-Violence Coordinator and former Deputy Director of the Mediation Center, Ife Charles, also spoke.

During his remarks, Reverend Jones quoted Pastor Gilford T. Monrose, who called the book “A national model for others to follow.”

 Of her work with S.O.S., C.A.N. member Reverend Stephanie Bethea said, “It is work that I truly believe in. My life was changed by faith-based communities, and nothing gives me more pleasure than to see young people change their lives.”

Bishop Willie Billips and Reverend Stephanie Bethea, both featured in Praying With Our Feet.

If you are interested in ordering copies of the book at bulk prices, call 718-773-6886, or stop by the Mediation Center at 256 Kingston Avenue.

Reverend Jones and Project Director Amy Ellenbogen with the S.O.S. C.A.N. members featured in the book.