On Thursday, November 20th, 2017, The Crown Heights Mediation Center’s Youth Programs Team held their Thanksgiving Dinner celebration at Repair the World. The theme of the event was expressing gratitude for the wonderful things within our communities and reflecting on the past year. More than 75 people attended the dinner. Guests included staff and participants and from YO S.O.S, Justice Community Plus (JCP), Save Our Streets, and our partner organization Project Reach Youth. The evening also doubled as a Community Benefits Project for the JCP participants who led the setup and cleanup portions of the night, seated guests, served food, and dj-ed the event.

Throughout the night, guests interacted with one another, eating food, socializing, and playing table games together. One of the highlights of the event was a performance by YO S.O.S Alum, Malik, who rapped two original songs, including “One Shot” which he co-created during his time in YO S.O.S. Towards the end of the night, participants enjoyed a karaoke and dance session. The evening closed with a raffle where lucky guests won bags of Save Our Streets swag. Overall, the Thanksgiving Dinner was a success and promoted a safe and positive space for everyone who attended!