“Committing a crime is what I did, not who I am.” –Mr. Campos
“In order to come back to society, my thinking had to change. I had to let someone else take charge of me and steer me for awhile. When I did it myself, it only lead me back to the chains.” – Mr. Price
On Tuesday December 9th, District Attorney Hynes, State Senator Adams, City Council Member Letitia James, and ComALERT graduates Mr. Campos and Mr. Price spoke to an audience of 100 people at Medgar Evers College. The event was hosted by the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center and State Senator Eric Adams in an effort to increase public awareness about the effectiveness of the ComAlert program. ComALERT was designed by the Kings Count District Attorney to support the reduction of recidivism as well as to enhance community safety for Brooklyn residents. ComALERT connects parolees to onsite substance abuse and anger management services, on site services for job placements and referrals to job training and educational services.