On Monday, April 25, 2016 we will be hosting our second annual “Paving the Way to Healing and Recovery: Conversations with Young Men of Color Who Survive Violence” conference. This year, “Paving the Way” will be held at Achievement First Endeavor Elementary and Middle School from 8:30AM-4:30PM.

This event will be an opportunity to discuss/learn what strategies are effective for young men of color who have been harmed by violence. Attendees will hear from large nonprofits, grassroots organizations, experienced practitioners, and crucially, the young men themselves. Presenters will engage in authentic dialogue that includes the lens of race, racism, gender identity, sexual orientation, culture, and class. While we will undoubtedly acknowledge the enormous and grave extent of experiences of violence, we will focus our attention on promising strategies that work for young men of color who have survived violence so that we leave with concrete tools and deeper hope.

The agenda for this year’s conference is still being finalized so please check back in late March for more details.

Registration is free and is required if you wish to attend the conference. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

To learn more about last year’s conference click here.