Today marks one year since founding member of S.O.S Lavon “Boo” Walker was shot and killed in Miami. He is survived by his wife, Marilyn and two young children, LJ and Matthew as well as an uncountable number of mentees, close friends and people who loved, respected and admired him.

We at the Mediation Center owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Lavon. He helped shape the way we work and the values that guide us. He taught us to be bold, optimistic, and joyful as we approach our work. Perhaps most importantly, he helped establish our reputation on the street with people who have been critical to our mission. Save Our Streets simply would not be as successful as it has been at reducing violence and changing norms if it had not been for Lavon. There are people in the neighborhood who are alive today because of Lavon. He was a role model for an alternative way to live and showed everyone that change is possible. Many of the community members who are at the heart of our work are still involved today because Lavon showed them love. We are committed to carrying his legacy of love forward in Crown Heights, in Bed-Stuy, and everywhere we go.

For those of you who can, we ask that you contribute to Lavon’s Legacy Fund. Money from this fund supports the education of Lavon’s two sons, LJ and Matthew. Click here to donate and comment on this post to share your memories of Lavon.