Peace Awards August 25, 2017

The S.O.S. Bed-Stuy Street team honored community partners, stellar volunteers, and long-term participants for their commitment to sharing the message of #stopshootingstartliving in the work they have done in their support and changing of their lives. We took a moment to acknowledge those individuals and groups that help us to do the work that we do and help to transform Bed-Stuy into a safer and healthier community. Honorees had a chance to eat a meal together, learn about the other community partners that support us from our uniforms to giving of their time at our events to being a leader among their peers and in the community. Every person fit, in their own way, into the fabric of Bed-Stuy and the Save Our Streets story. We are thankful for every person that is continuously changing the community from Bed-Stuy Do or Die to Bed-Stuy Stay Alive!


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