On April 1st the Save Our Streets Clergy Action Network (S.O.S. C.A.N.)  led by Rev. Kevin Jones sponsored the film showing of “The Interrupters.” This movie chronicles the daily activities of the original Cure Violence site in Chicago, allowing the clergy and community to further see and understand the work of the S.O.S. Outreach Team in Crown Heights.

Revered Kevin Jones reports of the event,

“Approximately 52 people, mostly youth, filed into the Trinity Baptist Church, 179 New York Ave, pastored by Rev. Glenmore Bembry. The audience sat attentively, at times stunned to know these workers put their lives on the line to make our communities safer for all people. The youth especially were moved seeing countless youth losing the battle to gun violence. They realized without these cure violence workers they would be unable to walk and play in the streets.

The following Monday evening, 14 young Explorers sat with us as we planned this year’s Increase The peace: Community Youth Symposium on June 17th. During this meeting, while planning what workshops should be offered, one young lady who saw the film said, “we should  allow the S.O.S. Outreach Team to speak because the people need to know just how much these people do to keep us safe.” She was definitely moved by what the film showed her.”
Following the film refreshments were served.

On Thursday April 13th, our Rev. Kevin Jones was joined by six S.O.S. C.A.N. members, comprised of  chaplains, a Bishop, and a lawyer, to the spot where a woman was shot 3 times but survived. The seven Clergy members joined in a circle, clasped hands, and prayed for the victim and shooter in this incident, victims across this city, and for the peace of the surrounding neighborhoods.
Rev. Kevin Jones notes from the afternoon,
After a period of prayer we all went across the street and prayed for a couple married 58 years. They were so welcoming and glad that we thought to notice them and offer prayer for them. I personally thank God for Faith Leaders who join with the fight to Save Our Streets. Of those that participated several had Holy Week Services to attend that night but took out time to say a prayer and be there for their community.”
We invite you to join us at this year’s Increase The peace: Community Youth Symposium, which will be held June 17th from 11 am to 4 pm at The Bedford Central Presbytery Church at 1200 Dean Street (on the corner of Nostrand Ave).