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On Saturday, S.O.S. C.A.N. will host “MY REALITY,” a free brunch and opportunity to listen to the realities that youth face today.
Rev. Kevin Jones shares his vision for the event with us:
Today’s youth, especially in communities of color, have so much to contend with. With poor schools, joblessness, gun violence, police shootings, nothing to do, hopelessness, depression, drugs, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, gang violence, etc it is no wonder they are such a lost generation. We need to do everything in our power to reach and help them. to do stat, first we must take time to listen to them.
This coming Saturday, Oct. 8th Save Our Streets Clergy Action Network is hosting “MY REALITY.” This is an opportunity to sit, observe, and listen to our youth while they share their everyday realities. Adults will not be allowed to talk. It will be a filmed event which will be edited into a PSA to be put into the hands of faith leaders, politicians, etc so they might better understand our youth, their problems, and be the impetus for dialog and planning to save our youth.

This “MY REALITY” event will convene at Bethany U.M.C. 1204 St. Johns Place (Albany Ave/Troy Ave) from 11 am until 1 pm.
Brunch will be served free of charge.

PLEASE, INVITE YOUTH TO ATTEND. This will not work without their voice.

We hope to see you there.