On Tuesday evening, October 25th, S.O.S. C.A.N. held it’s monthly Night Of Prayer Against Gun Violence at the Bethel U.M.C., where the pastor is Rev. Mendis Brown.

Reverend Kevin Jones recounts the event for us:

Eleven people joined in as we sang in worship and prayed against the causes that can lead to gun violence. The concentration this night was anger, unequal access to quality education, domestic violence, and gang violence. The prayer was both Spirit led and extremely passionate.

I applauded Rev. Mendis  Brown for changing that ministry’s regular scheduled bible study from 3 pm until 6:30 pm so they could join us in worship and prayer.
Next month the monthly Night Of Prayer Against Gun Violence will be held tentatively on Thursday night, November the 29th at the Trinity Baptist Church, 179 New York Ave between Park Pace and Prospect Place.
The doors will open at 7 pm with prayer from to 8:30 pm.
We are answering the call of II Chron. “If My People who are called by my name, will humble themselves and Pray, Seek My Face, Turn from their wicked ways…God Said He will Hear From Heaven…Forgive Their Sins…Heal Their Land.”