The S.O.S Bed-Stuy team in conjunction with Rev. Kevin Jones of Save Our Streets Clergy Action Network (S.O.S. C.A.N) held a Night of Prayer Against Gun Violence at First Corinthians Baptist Church on June 28, 2016. The Pastor of the First Corinthians, Rev. Anthony Yelverton, hosted this gathering of community members, representatives from local organizations, and local pastors. Those in attendance came together to pray for peace, positive community engagement around reducing gun violence, and to support S.O.S. Bed-Stuy in their work with the community. All present shared their enthusiastic support of S.O.S. and their desire to partner more in the future. Rev. Yelverton stated that the doors to his church are open to S.O.S. and he is excited about the uplifting of the Bed-Stuy community.