On August 28th, while S.O.S. Clergy Organizer Revered Jones was away on vacation, he received a text from Rev. Chris Burton, a faithful  SOS Clergy member. Rev. Chris Burton was reaching out about the slashing of a 13 year old boy in front of P.S. 140 (141 Macon Street). It is also the location that Reconcile Church uses for Sunday services. Accustomed to partnering with S.O.S in rallies and also having participated in the Faith Walk with Prayers held on August 3rd, Rev. Burton asked if S.O.S. could partner with them for a prayer response in front of the building. Rev. Jones encouraged him to gather his congregation along with some other faith leaders. Rev. Jones encouraged him to hold the response, saying, “You can do this”.

Rev. Burton and Reconcile Church planned to conduct their regular Sunday morning 10am service and then afterwards at 1 pm go outdoors to pray for peace and restoration in their community for  few minutes. Believing in a gospel that calls the local church to proclaim peace and reconciliation in the community, God changed their plans. This led to an impromptu street service. They gathered to pray for peace and restoration in the community–stopping at the four corners surrounding the school to pray.
What an awesome example of S.O..S empowering others to lead, organize, mobilize, and take the initiative in healing our communities.