Save Our Streets Crown Heights is on Facebook! “Like” the S.O.S. facebook page at to keep up with our updates. The facebook page is a great way to learn about our events, Shooting Responses, messages from Outreach Workers and Violence Interrupters and inspiring statements from community members.

Here is a sample of some of our recent Facebook statuses to give you an idea of what we post. 

We’ve had too many shootings this fall. We are hurting and losing people. Let’s come together as a community to END the shootings and killings. STOP SHOOTING. START LIVING. We can do this Crown Heights.

We just reached 700 facebook likes! The movement is spreading because of you and your belief in a safer community for everyone. Let’s keep it going! Who is going to be 701? 702? 800? 1000? Together we can END GUN VIOLENCE! #StopShooting #StartLiving

We are working hard to end the gun violence in Crown Heights. We are so thankful that our neighborhood supports our work. Business owners, residents, teachers, Pastors and community organizers are working together to save lives. LMS if you are ready to see an end to gun violence in your neighborhood.

See you online!