S.O.S. Program Manager, Allen James, was invited by the Director of The Jewish Board of Children and Family Services’ Kinship Care Program to be the keynote speaker at a convening of grandparents who are raising grandchildren. On Friday, October 24th Allen addressed an assembly of 100 grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. Before speaking, Allen shared breakfast and stories with some of these folks who are parenting for the second time around.  

Some of the comments from the audience were:
·       Best part of today!
·       It was good to know his life was not a bed of roses. His life was like mine. The cream rises to the top.
·       His comments about how the community and families need to guide children really hit home.
·       He shared a lot of vital information about violence.
·       I have learned there is a lot of help out there for my child.
·       Excellent speaker who told us his story and how productive one can be regardless of their circumstances.
·       He was very informative, educational and to the point.
·       He brought out a lot of good points about teens today.
The Kinship Care Program provides them with training and other supports.
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