20150917_191141On Thursday, September 17th, over 300 people gathered on Kingston Ave and Eastern Parkway to march for peace. The “Peace Over Violence” march was organized by S.O.S. Brooklyn in collaboration with the Office of Council Member Laurie Cumbo and the Office of Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams in conjunction with numerous local officials, faith-based leaders, and organizations including GMAAC, Brownsville In Violence Out, Life Camp, Rock Safe Streets and Guns Down Life Up.  The group marched from Kingston Ave and Eastern Parkway to Ebbets Field Patio on Bedford Ave.

In addition to commemorating the life of Carey Gabay, staffer to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the march remembered the lives of the 94 individuals who were affected by violence in Brooklyn this year as well as the 23 people who were affected by gun violence in the Crown Heights 71st and 77th Precincts since the summer 2014. Those names were read aloud throughout the march, and are also included below. Marchers stopped at street corners along the way to make remarks about the importance of uniting the community and pushing for peace and alternatives to violence. S.O.S. Crown Heights Program Manager, David Gaskin, stated, “I challenge you to find another way to handle your conflicts. I challenge you to find another way to put the gun down, to not turn to the knife, to not resort to violence. There are many different ways. I challenge you to stand up in your community. To be a leader against gun violence because we all need someone to be a leader against this…The next time you get into a conflict say, you know what? I’m gonna do something different. Because that’s what makes a difference. Doing something different.”

Other speakers included Laurie Cumbo, Latitia James, Eric Adams, Rabbi Eli Cohen, Father Frank Black, Rev. Wenton Fyne, Rev. Daryl G. Bloodsaw, Rev. Kevin Jones, Apostle Apostle Tamesha Fulmore, Bishop Dr. Theodosia McLean, and Chris Wise, a young man and poet from Ebbets Fields houses working for community change. Robin Lyde, mother of gun violence victim Benny Lyde also spoke at the march, stating, “All our kids matter. All our people matter.”

Throughout the night speakers imparted messages of urgency, encouraging the community to take an active role in a building safer community. The evening was captured in photo and video and covered in local media including DNAinfoBK Reader, and Voices of NY.

You can find more photos from the event on our facebook page here.



march 2We remember the lives lost to gun violence in Crown Heights:

Ciara Daton – 9/1/2014
Michael Sampson – 9/1/2014
Roque Contras – 9/1/2015
Aaron J Powell – 10/12/2014

Chrispine Philip – 8/28/2015
Anonymous – 8/28/2015
Marvin Ward – 8/28/2015
Rickie Jerome Young – 9/4/2015
Unnamed –  9/10/2015
Carey Gabay – 9/17/2015

Dexter Cooper – 6/16/2014
Nathaniel Gravenhise – 7/3/2014
Robbie Robertson – 11/19/2014
Todd Wilks – 5/29/2014

Jaquay Bennett – 1/8/2015
Anthony Jackson – 6/3/2015
Jvawn Huggins – 6/12/2015
Christopher Burgin – 9/4/2015
Damon Haskins – 9/5/2015
Carlik McClatchie – 9/9/2015

Rickie Young