During the second week of March, S.O.S. Brooklyn responded to two different non-fatal shootings in Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy. The S.O.S. Outreach Team and Neighbors in Action staff were joined by community members as well as staff members from other nearby Cure Violence sites, G.M.A.C.C. and Brownsville In, Violence Out (BIVO). The anti-gun violence group, Moms Demand Action, also showed up to support S.O.S. and the community. About 65 community members in total turned out to the responses.

Shooting responses are an important part of the work that S.O.S. does to shift norms and create space for healing. When a shooting incident happens, S.O.S. organizes a response to draw attention to it and send the message that shootings and killings will not be normalized in the community. When shootings happen and there is no outcry, residents may feel like shootings are simply accepted. By speaking out publicly against shootings, we empower community members who otherwise might feel alone or vulnerable to feel supported in saying “NO” to shootings.

Shooting responses also create space for family members and directly impacted neighbors to speak their piece and gather in community with others. This is an important healing aspect of the response. People who are hurting see that other members of their community are supporting them and standing with them to say this shooting is unacceptable. Shooting responses say, “you are not alone in your pain, we are with you.”

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