On September 8th, 2011, S.O.S. helped organize a response to the violence in Crown Heights over Labor Day Weekend. Through our posters and staff representation, S.O.S. was able to capture the media’s attention and spread the message that shooting and killing are not acceptable in our community.

Check out the quotes in the press from S.O.S. below:
Amy Ellenbogen from the Save Our Streets Crown Heights Program said, “People here are really focused on stopping the violence no matter where it comes from.”
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Bed-Stuy Patch:
Ife Charles, representing the community-organizing group Save Our Streets Crown Heights, compared violence to an infectious disease.  
“This is a disease and it’s spreading pretty quickly,” she said. “It is up to every single one of us out here [to find a cure]. Some of us are gonna go back inside and we’re gonna close our doors and we’re gonna forget. But there’s a spirit that was killed, and there are many spirits within our universe that are being killed by guns. We need to stop the madness and understand that there’s a cure.”
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S.O.S.’ posters got great coverage in a photo essay of the rally. See the pictures HERE.