It is the one month anniversary of the, “Say What?” workshop. On Thursday, February 8th
the Crown Heights Mediation Center’s Youth and Community Clinician, Gerina Davis also
known as Ms. G created and facilitated a workshop about effective communication. This
particular workshop focused on listening. Usually when we think about communication skills
we focus on what is being said and how it is being said. Although speech seems to be a major
aspect of communication, listening is equally important. Our experiences and the view we have
of the person impacts HOW we listen to them. This workshop focused on effective listening
that was comprised of knowing what type of listener we are and the different styles of listening
we can implement. The workshop style was interactive as there was dialogue, skits, role plays
and gallery walks.

During the workshop, Ms. G shared different learning styles that people utilize without
being unaware. The listening styles are as follows:

  • Empathetic- listening with the intention of placing oneself in the shoes of the person
    sharing the story
  • Pseudo- pretending to listen, but not hearing anything
  • Critical/Evaluative- A skeptical way of listening to someone to determine if they are
    telling the truth. This listener is concerned with valid resources and the intention of the
  • Discerning- Similar to critical listening without the skepticism, the discerning listener
    includes observation. The listener is able to share everything that they have heard as well
    as remember what the speaker shared, how they shared it and what they wore
  • Appreciative – this listener is already excited to hear the message, because of the person
    that is delivering the message and how they deliver it
  • Comprehensive listening- listening to understand everything beings said, the listener
    make take notes and attempt to understand