During the evening of Monday, April 8th, 2019, a teenage black man, only 19 years old, was non-fatally shot in the leg at 1213 Prospect Place. Two days later on April 10th, S.O.S. Crown Heights gathered at the site for a shooting response.

That Wednesday afternoon was a sunny day, and many young people were out on the basketball court nearby playing and enjoying themselves. It’s almost unfathomable that the peaceful area was the site of such violence and pain only a few days before. Clergy organizer Rev. Kevin Jones expressed that fact over the bullhorn, noting how babies were in strollers nearby, and that the neighborhood should be a place for families and children—not gun violence.

“As long as bullets are shooting in the streets, they have no name—they shoot anybody,” Jones said.

In addition to S.O.S. Bed-Stuy, Neighbors in Action staff, G.M.A.C.C., clergy, and other community members who came to the response to show their support, Council Member Darlene Mealy gave her presence and voice. She spoke on the bullhorn about Crown Heights being a beautiful neighborhood, and how community members should uphold that beauty through non-violence and peace.

S.O.S. Crown Heights would like to thank all 40 attendees who supported Save Our Streets at the response and who continuously work towards building a healthier, safer community. #stopshootingstartliving