Last Tuesday, April 16th, 2019, around 5pm, 18 year-old Davion Powell was shot and killed outside of the S.O.S. Crown Heights catchment at 1483 St Johns Pl, between Rochester and Utica. Three days later on April 19th, 50 people came to gather around the site of his death to renounce the violence and to show solidarity with those affected by gun violence. It became apparent during the response that everyone around was affected by gun violence.

As Program Manager David Gaskin called out on the bullhorn to the community members in their apartments, business owners in their shops, and drivers in their car, people came outside and lined up across the street and down the entire block to hear what he had to say.

When something like this happens, the community isn’t only affected by the tragic loss of this young man’s life. Many are affected by the violence indirectly, now spending a beautiful afternoon knowing that their own person or someone they love could be hit by a bullet—whether it be the middle of the day, in a busy area, or with security nearby. None of those factors kept Davion safe.

The response was powerful. In addition to David Gaskin, G.M.A.C.C. Outreach Worker Supervisor Jonathan Medina spoke on the bullhorn, as well as Councilperson Laurie Cumbo. S.O.S. Crown Heights is very thankful to them, and also grateful for everyone who showed up and showed their support: the other members of G.M.A.C.C., S.O.S. Bed-Stuy, Neighbors in Action staff, and community members. #stopshootingstartliving

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