On the night of Friday, November 9th, a 20 year-old black man was non-fatally shot twice in the torso inside Albany Food Court Deli. The community gathered the following Wednesday the 14th at the site of the shooting, 176 Albany Avenue.

“If you’re not uplifting your community, you’re tearing it down,” shouted David Grant on the bullhorn, Neighbors in Action’s Community Engagement Liaison. “I understand now violence is a learned behavior. I understand now using a gun was a learned behavior. Just like you learned this, you can unlearn this. You can change your mindset. Don’t be afraid. Be brave!”

This was the fifth shooting at Albany Houses this year. Just last month, S.O.S. hosted two shooting responses right after each other on October 30th. S.O.S. Crown Heights Program Manager David Gaskin told the community through the bullhorn that S.O.S. has now circled Albany Houses, holding shooting responses on every corner of it this year. This is especially notable because until this past May, Albany Houses had an 868-day streak without a shooting or killing.

S.O.S. Crown Heights and S.O.S. Bed-Stuy, B.I.V.O., YO S.O.S., Moms Demand Action, Neighbors in Action staff, clergy, and community members came together to denounce the violence. S.O.S. would like to thank all 51 people who showed their support and prayed for another period of peace at Albany Houses. #stopshootingstartliving