The Mediation Center coordinates the Truancy Intervention Program at Ebbets Field Middle School 352, a program that has the goal of increasing attendance of students who are habitually absent from school.  To accomplish this, coordinator Sylvia Mungin works systematically with individual students and their families to determine the reasons for absence and set goals for attendance. Sylvia also meets with groups of students who have growing numbers of absences as a preventative measure.  One day last week, she reminded middle schoolers that they were not in trouble, that they should just “be aware of their absences.”

In addition to working specifically with the issue of truancy, Sylvia acts as a support for students in the school, building mentoring relationships and assisting in mediating conflicts when necessary. She also runs Rites of Passage programming with girls at the school, a group of nine middle schoolers who meet with regularly for sessions on navigating young adulthood and building self-esteem.  Thanks to Sylvia for all of her hard work at M.S. 352!