April 1 – Student Day at the Mediation Center

We often receive requests from high school, college, and graduate students who want to speak with the S.O.S. team and learn more about the work we do at the Mediation Center. So many students contacted us this month we decided to have an information session for all of them! On Friday April 1, we hosted students interested in conducting research on community resource centers, mediation, and the public health framework we use to address gun violence. We appreciate the students who who have reached out to us in order to share our work with others!

April 5 – Learning about Acupuncture with Rommell Washington

On Tuesday April 5, Rommell Washington joined our weekly staff meeting to speak to us about the use of acupuncture to improve mental health, support healing from trauma, and relieve stress. He explained that ear acupuncture can be healing for people who have experienced trauma or are struggling emotionally but are not yet ready to talk through their experiences. He also taught us that the Black Panthers and the Young Lords brought acupuncture to the Bronx as a way to treat people who were addicted to heroin without using methadone.

April 5 – Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice Public Safety Toolkit Meeting

On April 5, we also participated in a focus group to assist the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice with the creation of a public safety toolkit. Our focus group included young people, participants, S.O.S. outreach workers, and S.O.S. program managers. We discussed how neighbors can work together to increase the safety of their communities. We also shared ideas about how to ensure the safety of students and others commuting through locations where violence often takes place.