StoryCorps, an organization that records stories of everyday people, came to the Crown Heights Mediation Center on August 5th to preserve the stories of community members. Three facilitators came and set up microphones and other recording devices in the office, as staff members prepared the rest of the office, unplugging phones, covering the doorbell, and being careful to be extra quiet during the day. Each noise can impact the recording quality of the CD StoryCorps makes for each participant. StoryCorps believes that through the storytelling and listening process, people experience others’ history, hopes, and humanity. Those who participate in StoryCorps recieve a copy of their recorded story, and another copy gets stored in the Library of Congress.Community members streamed into the Mediation Center throughout the day to interview others and tell their own stories. Arna Lipkind, Community Liaison at Council Member Darlene Mealy’s office spoke about how she brings community members together though her work, including how she hosted a Health Fair last year. Julia Boyd, an active Crown Heights resident, told one story about how she was arrested for protesting the City’s budget allocation towards education, and ended up talking to Sex in the City star Cynthia Nixon during the arrest. Each story preserved an important part of Crown Heights history.
Thank you to our residents for sharing your stories with us, and StoryCorps for bringing the experience to Crown Heights. If you or someone you know would like to participate in StoryCorps, there is StoryBooth in lower Manhattan that is open to the public. Please visit the StoryCorps website here to sign up and share your story.