Young leaders in action! Organizers of the PS 10 school walkout and fundraiser to support S.O.S. Brooklyn (from left to right): Benji Weiss, Ella Galkin, Zoe Alperin, Veronica Morris, and Maisie Morrison.

Today we would like to thank the young people of P.S. 10 for their amazing organizing and generosity! As youth all over the country are coming together to take a stand against gun violence, P.S. 10 students were inspired to support local efforts here in Brooklyn by launching a fundraiser for S.O.S. Our Director, Amy Ellenbogen visited the school to personally recognize and thank these young people for marshaling resources in their community to end gun violence.

As an organization that is deeply committed to our mission and our community, it is incredibly meaningful to receive the respect and wisdom of young people. We feel thankful for the funds that PS 10 raised to support the credible messengers, anti-violence youth organizers, and healing-focused work of the Mediation Center.

P.S. 10, we admire your vision to strengthen the national movement to end gun violence by strengthening the grassroots and those working on the front lines everyday. This is how we build strong movements and strong communities. Thank you for your support! 

Director Amy Ellenbogen and Youth Ambassador Migos say thank you, P.S. 10!