The youth of Justice Community Plus planned an event called, “The Power of Youth”. The event was hosted on Wednesday, February 21st during Mid-winter recess for high school students. This event served a few purposes:

  • Empower the youth to plan their own event
  • Practice and learn teamwork
  • Understand the logistics behind planning an event
  • To promote accountability and agency

The youth decided to have a 90’s theme celebration that had games, food, music, and performances. The group was separated in the following committees: logistics, social media/marketing, and Programming. to assist that each aspect of the event was adequately covered. Each committee was responsible for aspects of planning and the execution of the event.  One of the participants served as the DJ for the event (DJ WIZ), and two were the hosts. The Power of Youth consisted of Jeopardy (family feud style), karaoke, board games, performances and food. There were over 20 youth attendees not including the JCP youth members. The event was filled with positive vibes and great energy spearheaded by the JCP youth and supported by some CHMC staff members. The youth were committed to having a good time and did a wonderful job creating a welcoming and entertaining space.