On Wednesday, September 28th, S.O.S. and community members gathered together at Brower Park (right across the street from YOAsis) and created a human chain of hands encircling the park as a gesture of community, unity and care. Ife Charles, Reverend Kevin Jones, and Phil Hawkins from Friends of Brower Park spoke and Senator Eric Adams attended spoke about the importance of Brower Park to the community and as a safe space for all residents. Senator Eric Adams wrote about the event in his weekly newsletter. Residents also wrote down a few words to express what Brower Park means the community. See a few examples below.

What does Brower Park mean to me?

Enjoyment, conversation
A safe place for all
Peace, Loving Sharing
A great place with kids. We have to keep it together.
Family come together.
Kids have a place to go.
A beautiful piece of green in the midst of limestone brick and brownstone
A safe, fun, beautiful place to bring my dogs
A place where my children can play and grow up
A place to connect to the earth/ a respite from the concrete jungle
People that live near one another- coming together in one spot often
Family Unity/Fellowship

What does Brower mean to this community?

A Jewel
Life, Energy, Renewal and Vegetation
Have fun all day!
Peace, Joy, Happiness
Serenity, Community, a place to regroup with nature, human, et al.
Love, Peace, Joy Friendship