S.O.S. and the Crown Heights community is so grateful to all the people who helped make the S.O.S. Week of Peace a success, including clergy, S.O.S. volunteers, youth, and all the people who came out to the Peace March.
We now have photos and videos about the S.O.S. Week of Peace. Check out our flickr album here  Columbia Journalism students Suvro Banerji and Jackie Mader took incredible photographs of the S.O.S. Peace March; see their photos here.
Check out this video about S.O.S., and our S.O.S. Peace March:

Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets (YO S.O.S.) surprised the streets of Crown Heights at 5:49 PM on October 17th with a dance to Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Murder to Excellence” in their flash mob on Eastern Parkway. See some footage here: