“Please have a SAFE Labor Day weekend. Too many times we hear of negative and traumatic incidences over this weekend in Brooklyn. We’ve already had unacceptable violence occur in Brownsville earlier this week. We ask that you all understand that the safety of our community, particularly our youngest people, is so important to our future. This Labor Day weekend let’s put the “NEIGHBOR” back into NEIGHBOR-HOOD.”
We posted this on FaceBook Friday afternoon before the Labor Day weekend fully began; therefore, it hurts that there were a record 48 shooting incidents in NYC over the weekend. In fact, there were 24 shootings in 24 HOURS! It doesn’t make sense. Rather than write a long reaction to what we all know is reprehensible violence, I prefer to ask a few questions. Answer them… react to them in whatever way you deem possible.
What were the lives of the shooting victims like?

What were and are the lives of the shooters like?

What are the name of the children that witnessed these shootings and murders?
Who or what is to blame for the violence?
What can I do to remain safe?
What can I do to bring the NEIGHBOR back into neighbor-HOOD?


Read more about the Violence over the Labor Day weekend at:

Check back with us for the S.O.S. and YO S.O.S. community repsonses to the recent events. We hope you will join us…with your reactions to the aforementioned questions.