What’s up Crown Heights!

Participatory Budgeting is right around the corner and this year the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center will be overseeing the outreach process for it. But what is Participatory Budgeting? For those of you who are wondering what Participatory Budgeting is or PB for short, it’s how the people spend at least $1 million on community improvements to parks, schools, libraries, streets, and more. It’s also known as the “People’s Budget” because you, the people, submit ideas for the project you think should happen in your neighborhood and then you get to vote for it.

We’re looking for volunteers to assist with this process which will include doing outreach to spread the word about voting and staffing the poll sites. If you or someone you know might be interested, you can find out more information by emailing me, Karolin, at betancesk@crownheights.org or calling 718-773-6886. You’ll probably see the below brochure in your community as well, which you can also fill out for more information. Other than that, make sure to get out and vote! Voting week is April 7th to April 15th.  I hope to see you at the polling sites!