This past summer, YO S.O.S. Youth Organizers spent time with reporters from BBC News, giving a window into our neighborhoods and our approach to peace building and community change. The videos recently premiered on BBC’s “First News” website which receives 1.2 million hits a week. There will also be coverage in their weekly newspaper for young people which gets 2.5 million readers a week.

At the Mediation Center, we believe that those closest to the problem are often the ones closest to the solution. In these videos young people speak of their frustrations, the challenges they face, and their goals and hopes for themselves and their community. One young man shares, “Some of us have had bad experiences with violence and when we come to the Mediation Center we talk about this trauma and about how to deal with these problems.”

Another Youth Organizer expresses a passionate commitment to working for peace and justice, stating that he hopes to have an opportunity to leave his immediate community so he may gain additional skills and experience to then return to Crown Heights and continue making a change at home.

Also featured in both videos, are clips from the YO S.O.S. #6FeetAbove video, “One Shot,” created in collaboration with Urban Art Beat.

Watch the two videos and share them to help us spread the word about anti-violence and youth power!