Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets inspired and surprised people on a busy corner in Crown Heights, Brooklyn on Wednesday. The Youth Organizers and their friends pulled off a Flash Mob to bring attention to gun violence and to invite people to the Save Our Streets March To End Gun Violence. 
The Flash Mob started with a “fight” between two members of YO S.O.S. that quickly escalated into a large group of teenagers yelling and ready to throw punches. Using the powerful notion of ‘interruption,” that Save Our Streets Crown Heights uses daily in their anti-violence work, the “fight” was interrupted by another group member. The teenager yelled powerfully to the group and the onlookers, “Violence is not the answer. This is NOT who we are. We are Youth Organizing To Save Our Streets.”  As soon as she finished speaking, the music began.  Waving Flag by K’naan  starting playing (from what seemed like nowhere) and like that they were off.
All the teenagers fell into place dancing their well rehearsed moves to the song.  They had smiles on their faces and the neighborhood noticed. Traffic stopped.  People stood still. The cell phones came out. One man came out of a barber shop mid hair cut with a plastic sheet still draped over his outfit. It was brief and powerful. A group of younger kids eager to participate carried the group’s huge sign and walked up and down the block with a sign that said, “We are Youth Organizing To Save Our Streets and we are out here to say STOP THE VIOLENCE.”