My name is Francine Burns and my experience here as a youth organizer for YO S.O.S has been great! I was able to meet so many new people and learn about them. I was able to share how I felt at anytime and we were able to plan and participate in so many events like the S.O.S. Peace March, YO S.O.S. flashmob, caroling and much more. These events were so much fun and when we are not planning events we might just be playing a game together, giving a presentation about gun violence, or having a discussion on an interesting topic that is most likely related to gun violence. Anyone who wants to join a program and is in the age range from14-17, I encourage you to consider joining this program because you will have so many opportunities and YO S.O.S is like a second family! You will love it!

Please download and complete an application for he 2012-2013 cycle of YO S.O.S. You can send it to us at 221 Kingston Avenue, 3rd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11213. You can also email it to us at