Here are some updates from our facebook page about the past week in YO S.O.S. workshops

September 30th 2011– Wow! We had a fantastic orientation with a wonderful group of new and returning Youth Organizers today. These young people are leaders already and are so excited to fine tune their skills, make powerful change in their communities and eradicate violence. What an impressive group. Power to the youth!

Monday October 3rd 2011– ‎16 and 17 year olds meet today at 4:30. We will go over our community contract and begin our workshops on time management. Can’t wait to see you today!

Wednesday Ooctober 5th 2011 — Yesterday we had a great work shop with the 14 and 15 year olds talking about ourselves, how we spend our time and what our priorities are. Today we will begin talking about Crown Heights history and future with the 16 and 17 year olds!

Monday October 17th 2011 — The YO S.O.S. Flash Mob went down. Check it out on youtube at