by  Nickeisha Gaynor, Youth Organizer

Y.O.L.O. the moto means You Only Live Once.

“You only live once,” Drake is saying you only live once however the way some teens are taking it is to live their life whichever way they please because they’re saying “YOLO you only live once.” Their making fast money, drinking, smoking getting high like it is funny. And you think that’s the way to live. Walking around the corner ducking and dogging your problems.

That’s no way to live.

Get an education, getting a life you could be proud of making money that doesn’t have blood on it.  Rappers give you a life style nowadays that people are trying to live up to but fail to succeed. Results in youths dying — transmitted though these rappers in their rapping videos, they shooting people, showing off silver and gold.

You only live once? Which way are you going to choose to live?