We believe in youth power!
We believe in arts as a tool for social change!
We believe that violence doesn’t have to be the norm in our neighborhoods!
We believe in safe and healthy neighborhoods for all people!

With these core beliefs in mind, NIA youth programs use multimedia arts to create dynamic multimedia art and live events to amplify our message. Our creative projects aims to bring a vital youth voice to the anti-violence movement while recognizing that we are not only working against violence, but for peace, healing, resiliency, safety, and community pride.

Entitled, “6 Feet Above,” the multimedia arts campaign celebrates living, not dying. We are flipping the notion that young people’s only options are a 6×9 jail cell or 6 feet under — in fact, our youth are soaring to great heights! Click the icons below to see all elements of the campaign and to get involved today. Also, be sure to share and repost on social media using our hashtag, #6feetabove!

NIA created projects include:
– Short Film: “YO S.OS. Presents: Youth Voices on the Criminal Justice System
– Short Film: “YO S.O.S. Presents: The Effects of Online Learning
– Original Hip-Hop Songs and Instrumentals
– Original Visual Arts Content Displayed as Digital Magazines

See below for partner-collaboration projects.

6 Feet Above (UAB)

View multiple hip-hop music videos and behind the scenes footage, created in collaboration with Urban Art Beat and Creative Expressions

6 Feet Above (UAP)

“We Care” short film in collaboration with Urban Arts Partnership

6 Feet Above (uw)

Spoken word poetry in collaboration with Urban Word NYC

A special message for YO S.O.S. and #6FEETABOVE from Diggy Simmons

Read a recap of our April 20th kickoff event here.