As part of our Anti-Gun Violence Youth Employment Program, the Mediation Center is launching a “Youth Blogger” series of special posts authored by youth interns in the program. Read the post below by Youth Blogger, Nazir.

PhotoGrid_1452266332612A socially conscious album I feel is relevant is J Cole’s 2014 “Forest Hills Drive,” which came out in 2015. This album went platinum with no features just J Cole. This album captivates the mind and soul by helping you learn about J Cole’s past and humbleness.

2014ForestHillsDriveOne lesson you can learn from this album is in the song, “Love yours.” The message in the song is to love yourself, your family, and anything that is yours. Love it because it could always be worse. J Cole helps us realize this and humble ourselves with this song.

Another meaningful song on the album is “Adolescence.” This song shows J Cole in his younger years where he experienced many things and now realizes how far he has has come. This song points out his personal identity as he keeps saying on the chorus, “Who am I?”  This song reflects all the experiences that made him J Cole.

In all, this work of art is a masterpiece from lyricism to imagery and is a very good album.