As part of our Anti-Gun Violence Youth Employment Program, the Mediation Center is launching a “Youth Blogger” series of special posts authored by youth interns in the program. Read our first post below by Youth Blogger, Jahnaia.

PhotoGrid_1449246630381“Flex is Kings” is a Brooklyn based documentary. Starring street performers who dance in venues throughout the state, as well as their own neighborhoods. The dancers use their techniques to not only express themselves but to tell stories about their lives and the lives of others. The dancers in the film vary in age, as some have been dancing for years and assist youth dancers on their journey.

What I learned in the film is that street dancing is no different than dancing to professional choreography. All forms of dancing express emotion in motion. For example, the style of dance the artists in the documentary generally perform is more active than the common ballet. Flex4x6_FRONTOne thing I admired is that despite issues faced by characters when searching for a venue, such as stereotypical accusations pertaining to the music played and the colored attire worn by perfomers and audience, they still made it happen. Dancing allows many to have goals, dreams, and something productive to do instead of getting in trouble. I enjoyed the familiarity of the locations occupied throughout the film. Also, I loved watching behind the scenes footage of the “Pinocchio- A Fantasy of Pleasures” dance theater production, starring Jay Donn, one of the dancers, before he is flown to Edinburgh, Scotland to perform.

Flex is King is a great film. It is realistic, entertaining, and makes me want to dance. I gave it 5 stars on Netflix. Watching it with my brother, he was as motivated to dance as I was. This Brooklyn based documentary should be played for youth, especially youth street performers, in schools, Youth centers, and programs similar to YO S.O.S.